.:* ThE CoMpLeTe LiSt Of InSiDe JoKeZ & SaYiNgZ! *:.
All About Me

Full Name: Brittney Alyson McGrath
Age: Eighteen
Birthday: May 18th, 1985
Height: 5'8''
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde... but I wanna dye it brown...
Eye Color: Blue... but I want brown contacts?!
Favorite Color: Baby Blue
Favorite Smell(s): Simply White by GAP and Adidas for her (Fav. guy smell is Adidas for him!)
Favorite/Lucky Number: Don't really have one... maybe 14?
Favorite Holiday: Christmas & Spring Break
Boyfriend: None
Have you ever stayed friends with your ex's?: Ummm... I stayed friends with just about all of them. We've gone through our fights mind you...
Ever cheated?: On a test of something, yes. On my boyfriend, never. I've had it done to me more then once and I know how bad it hurts. I'd never put someone through that pain.
Ever thought oh cheating?: No. That's stupid. If you don't want to be with that person enough to want to do something with someone else, that's usually a sign to break up.
Ever been cheated on?: Yes I have, probabally more than twice.
Ever broke up with somebody?: Yes & I've regretted at times too.
Ever been broken up with?: Yep!
Gone out with someone more then once?: Well, Greg & I went on a break after 10 months of going out then got back together for like 2 weeks after that, not very long.
Ever gone out with someone because you felt sorry for them?: No, that's not fair to the guy.
Are you stright or homosexual?: Straight
Smart or Stupid?: Smart for the most parts. Like in school usualy. But logical thinking... well, I can have my blonde moments.
Right handed, left handed or both handed?: Right handed
Long hair, short hair or in-between hair?: In-between hair
Are you shy or outgoing?: I can be both. I used to be super shy, but I'm not anymore. I'm not overly loud, but if I have something to say, I'll say it. Most of the times I don't think before I speak, so that gets me in trouble.
Pericings/Tattoos?: three in each ear (one cartlidge pericing in each), my belly-button. I want one more hole punched in my ear and another pericing... well, you know where if you know me... lol. Tattoos: 2 Chinese symbols on my lower back that mean "younger brother". Why? Because he's one the the few things that mean the world to me. I wwwuuuvvv him!
Languages: English
Job/Position: McDonald's in Tantallon/Cashier & Drive Thru
Siblings: Little brother Matthew. We're incredibally close and I don't know where I'd be without him.

Grade/School: 1st year @ St. Mary's University taking a BA... Majoring in PSY with a certificate in human resource managment AND minoring in English.
Favorite Movie: SHREK! "Like I hate it when you got somebody in your face, you try and give them a hint and they won't leave... Then there's that big akward silence, you know... (Akward silence) Can I stay with you?" ANNNNDDDD Monster Inc. AND GOLDMEMBER! Pirates of the Carribien... is that spelled correctly?! And Finding Nemo!:)
Sport: Basketball. Dallas & the 76ers! And yes, Lakers SUCK!
Pets: The family dog Ali-Jay (little walking fuzz-ball...) But *I* have a cute leopard gecko named Topaz/Tyrone (Thought it was a boy at first, now I'm thinking it's a girl... but I still really don't know...) and a new baby girl jungle leopard gecko named Chloe. She's beautiful!
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: Yes! My bear named Pickles.
Bedtime: Around 12ish on school nights, whenever on weekends.
Least favorite subject in school?: MATH
Favorite subject in school?: Anything that I can write stories or essays in
Where you named after anyone?: Yes, my Grammie's name is Alyson too.
Nicknames: Britt, Brittz, Bert, Bert-ney, Brittso, B, B-Mac, & B-Mizzle
Where were you born?: Halifax
Favorite TV show?: American or Canadian Idol, The Osbournes, For Love or Money/ For Love or Money 2, The OC & DR. PHIL!
Favortie song?: "Push" - Matchbox 20
Favorite food?: Chinese Food, Lobster, Mussels, Clams, PASTA!...
Favorite drink?: Uh, Non-alocholic is any kinda juice, I love jucie. Hate pop. Alocholic would be... Bailies or peach snaps or sour melon... something where I can't taste the liquor
Worst Fear: Losing someone that I love...
Best feeling in the world?: Being loved
The whole alien thing?: There's gotta be others in this universe besides us!
Teenage smoking?: Stupidest thing ever
Premarital sex?: Been there, done that... don't see a problem with it.
Drinking & driving?: Worst thing you can do
Drugs?: Alright if you go about it in the right frame of mind
Love at first sight?: Lust at first sight maybe, but I guess it depends on the situation
A certain person out there for you?: I don't think it works that way honestly
Phobias?: ACAROPHOBIA - A fear of skin infestation by mites or ticks. APHEPHOBIA -  An abnormal fear of being touched. ARACHNEPHOBIA - A fear of spiders. BELONEPHOBIA - An abnormal fear of needles. EMETOPHOBIA - A fear of vomiting. SCOPOPHOBIA/SCOPTOPHOBIA - An abnormal fear of being looked at.