.:* ThE CoMpLeTe LiSt Of InSiDe JoKeZ & SaYiNgZ! *:.
David Paul Sproul *1984 - 2002*

     We seem to take life for granted sometimes. We live life everyday thinking that there's always going to be a tomorrow. We wake up thinking that our friends are always going to be there. We wait to tell people how much they really mean to us until another day. We don't get around to tell them how much we love them and how they have made a wonderful difference in our lives. This was my mistake. David made a difference in my life. He meant a lot to me. I regret not telling him this before he left, but I will be able to tell him one day. For now I will remember the good times.

 * Very first boyfriend * You dirty bastard! * Your attempt of doing a summer-sault OVER a snow bank...* You're farting wars in grade 9! * Telling off Mrs.Getson * That winter when you and Jimmy threw me into the snow banks every five seconds... * You giving me your jacket on the bus ride to the valley because I needed a pillow * Your Dad's cartoon porno's * Tickle WARS * Your laugh * Your smile...*
     I love you David Paul Sproul. R.I.P. forever and always babe. (And when we do see each other again, I want to hear your famous greeting line, "Hey good lookin'!" Then I'll know everything is gonna be alright.)
     This is a essay we had to write in English class. We had to write about a person in our lives that influence our ways of thinking or acting enough to make perment changes.
     There are many people in my everyday life that influence my ways of thinking or acting for a short period of time; but my friend David Sproul has influenced my life in such a way that I believe the changes I make becuase of it, will be permanent. David and I had been close friends for a number or years, but he had moved away in the summer just before grade ten. We had made a deal to try and keep in contact with one another as much as possible, even though he now lived more then thirty minutes away from me. Slowly our friendship faded and we only talked every few months. One afternoon I recieved a phone call from a friend who was friends with David as well. He informed me that David Sproul had passed away at his school ealier on that day. Until then I never realized how important keeping in touch with friends was. There were so many things I wanted to say to him before he left and so many feelings I never go to express. From that day on, I knew that I had to keep in contact with my friends and not to hold back on things I really wanted to say. There may not be a tomorrow in which to do that. It's sad that it took a death to realize this, but David Sproul has forever changed my way of thinking and acting, and I will always remember him for it.

We met each other in elementry,
We were only nine or ten.
Sometimes we spent full days together,
You became one of my closest friends.
You moved away a few years after,
We promised we'd still talk on the phone.
But not seeing you daily just wasn't fair,
And you told me you felt so alone.
Months went by and you made new friends,
And I had made some too.
The conversations slowed almost to none,
I had almost forgotten about me and you.
One day I recieved a phone call,
It was from a friend that we both had.
He was talking very slowly, told me to sit down,
He almost sounded mad.
"Something happened to David in school", he said,
I could tell he already cried.
"He colapsed in the hall outside the door,
He stopped breathing... Brittney, he died."
I stood in shock, I didn't say good-bye,
I couldn't even move.
I didn't understand why it happened to him,
He was such a good friend to loose.
From that day on, my life had changed,
And I still miss him so much.
I make a point to talk to friends,
I'll always stay in touch.


Below is a link to a message board that I've made in memory of David. Anyone is welcome to sign it. Feel free to write what ever you wish about him.


* Rest In Peace * David Paul Sproul 1984 - 2002 *
-We'll Never Forget You-