.:* ThE CoMpLeTe LiSt Of InSiDe JoKeZ & SaYiNgZ! *:.

Okay, if you don't know me, you will NOT understand ANY of these sayings. And If anyone can think of any that I forgot, tell me or lemmie know in the guestbook please & thanks!


* Ohhhh, shoulda been! * You Himigrant! (A Chinese solider that got shot in the arm and has no leg...) * Floatin' down the river... WHOA! * Now would you like to add $10 to that so it will have life insurance?? * Wassup?! Nuttin, watchin' the game, brushin' our hair. True. True. * Niiiiiiiiice! * VINNY! * Motorbikles * I'm soooo sorry about that! SMACK! * No not right now... * Now let me be Frank with you... Oh! Allow me to be Surely! * Are the cows slaughtered yet?? * Andrew, how about them there potatoes?! * Their the SAME friggin' boxers! * Our hand signals (Stina, Richie & Britt) * When I was just a baby boy my mama used to rock me in the cradle... * HEY! Look at my belly-button ring! *POP* Ooopppsss... I think my belly-button's deeper than yours! * Our secret camp * This is station MS little 2, signing off. * Careful down! * We're just smokin' our "TD In-Store" banking pens * *THUMP* Oh! Watch out for that barbed wire there! * "Yeah, my car has been 2 years old... oh, for about 3 years now..." -Christina's Dad * YELLOW BANANA! * MANDARIN ORANGE! * ELETRIC-SHOCKING BLUE! * "Hi, I'm Chipper, the happy elf!" -Me * Pumpkin Pie * Sweetie & Sweetie Pie * Brit-tonny * Stephaine?!! * Whooo?! WHO do you think you're talking to, really? * I know you're not talking to me, you must be taking to you're brother or something... * Thanks for comin' out though! * You can't beat me. Yes I can. You can beat me off, that's about it... * Um, excuse me, flow? Uh, excuse me, hoe? * Uh, do you guys want some berries? They're really gross... -Matthew * The Beacon House, Sackville Elementry & MY Elementry School?! ... every other possible place too! * May I present to you the very sexual, very toight, Austin Power's fahja. His what? His fahja, Dr. Evil. His Fargher? What's a Fargher? His Fahja, you know, the fahja. Ya Goldmember, I don't speak freaky-deaky Dutch, okay perv boy? Fahja. His dad. Dad is fahja. Oh his dad. Oh his FA-THER. Yesh, I have a Dutch accent, isn't that verid? ...Fa-ther, fa-ther... * Fahja can you hear meeeee? * Aiight do * Well you had to BUY your boyfriend! -Nogozi * Don't tell me "fuck you"! -Brian * ONE * Well it's NOT HARD! -Neal * Ask me a question! What kinda question? Any question!! Uh, how are you? YOUR MOTHER! - Jill * Mini brownies * Youuuuuu Knowwww! * The foot has spoken! * That's the bottom line! * ISOURCOUR! -Kate * I may look like a girl but I'm really a guy defense * I wear a G-string defense * Sexual whispering * Our "Stole" remix * FOREHEAD SLAP! * Looking for Sobey's dorks? Yeah. Found one! (Looks at me) Where??! ... HEY!! -Marty * Am I not turtly enough for the turtle club? Turtle, turtle! * 1, 2, 3, TEAM COOKIES! * When I was in the hospital I never let anyone do anything for me. Now, Melissa, turn off the light for me, my foot hurts. - Krystal * Greg, I want one of those polar bears like on the Coca Cola commercials. Okay? But I want it to be purple and blue with polka-dots! We can dye it... AND I WANT IT TO TASTE LIKE COTTON CANDY! Suuure... * The drive to Ecom Secom! * Purple suckers & Alexandrea... EWWW! (May her & her discusting "porn" video RIP!) * (Bird Call!) Your bird goes up, my bird goes down! * THINGS CHRISTINA AND I LEARNED IN QUEBEC CITY: (1) Never buy drinks in the club. Either have guys buy them for you, or get loaded before. (2) Tip EVERYONE, or else you'll get harassed/yelled at very loudly in french. (3) Athletes World is actually "super" Athletes World in Quebec. (4) Take shuttles whenever possible, you'll go broke in a day if you take cabs. (5) Never walk from the Bestro to the Dag without a jacket in March. (6) You can buy beer at SubWay... who knew?? (7) You can smoke in the malls. Actually. (9) Puke in the cab costs $10 as apposed to $100 in Halifax. * It's university, it's not like trying to bring your class pet home! * That girl got some giraffe neck goin' on! You have a giraffe neck. Yea, well, I don't even have a neck! * Brittney, can I use your washroom, I need to take a crap. What's wrong with your washroom? Nothing, I just don't want to stink it up. Well, in that case, no, you can't use my washroom. Good call. * Falopes * G-H-E-T-T-O, Maple Hood, you gots to know that, we herre and we ain't scured cuz T gotta weave in her hurre. We gots T, Stina & Brittz, now go on and eat your gritz. Don't fuck wit a playa when she's doin' her shit, don't fuck wit a playa when she's wit her clique, don't fuck wit a playa when she's wit her crew, don't fuck wit a playa or you'll get fucked too.We gots T be doin' her thing, Steen be makin' her ching-ching, now Brittz, can't no body fuck wit dat, cuz she be bringin' up her bat! -Tiff * "Just tell her it's the purfume she's wearing... or that she's NOT wearing! AHAHahaha... That was good!" -Crystal * "Fuck you!" "You wish." "... Yea, I know." * "Hi, welcome to Downeast Communications, this is Stacey speaking, how may I help you?" .... *click* ... "I don't want to talk..." * This old man, he played... BUY A SKIRT!... (that fits!) * Break it down, break it down, break it down! One more time from top! * "GUYS, I can't find my keys! Where are they?" "... Up your ass." Katrina: "Well maybe they fell in the crack or something....??" * "Did someone here do that or was it the movie?" "The movie." "Oh, I was gonna say, that sounded like a period fart!" -Tiff * "OMG, OMG, OMG, I have to go home, no, I have to go home right now, OMG.... I have to go home, I have to go home, I have to go home right now, I have to go home! OMG, OMG, OMG..." -Christina * "And if you guys wanna fudge off and be boobs, then, you suck." -Mrs. Roddick * I don't give a damn 'bout my bad reputation! Oh noooooo, not meeeee... * "What's his name? Dipshit??" -Christina * "This is a nigger-free house. Oh, wait..." -Rob * "OH GOD! It's like she's NOT all that... and she OWES you a bag of chips!" -Rob * If you heard a knock at the door and when you opened it, you found a baby on your door-step, what would you do? I mean, you'd have to keep it, it was on YOUR door step. People don't just put babies on door-steps for no good reasons. So you keep it, and it's name has got to remain original and be "Baby On The Door-Step". So when he/she goes to school, the attendance would go something like: "Bobby, Jill, Baby On The Door-Step, Frank..." * Vadger * Clitter Bug * Pink Taco * Box Of DOOM * Fuck that noise! * "COME! I SHALL HOOK US UP!" -Emily * "What do apples and dead babies have in common?" "... You can peel them??" "NO! But... GOD! You're HORRIBLE!" -Brett * Question. * SHWING-SWING-SHWONG!? * "Brinoy, if you heard a knock at your door, and when you opened it there was a baby on your door-step, what would you do?" Brinoy: **evil grin** "... I'd shake it." * "This land be mine say I, argggg! ... Eh?!" -Emily & Rob * "You have a yeast infection? Eat yogurt, that helps!" -Christina * "Let go of my finger! I need that for something..." -Christina * "Your shit is really see-through... no, like actaully, your shirt is REALLY see-through..." -Brennan * "Take off the blueeeeee vestttttt..." -Dave * "Why is everyone helping Diana and not this guy?" "Well, no one's helping anyone right now, Sue." "Why? just because he's got his head in a bucket?? It's *WACK* not *WACK* his *WACK* fault!!!" "...SUZANNA! * Byeeee PIGGY! -Dave * I'll kill you. * THAT is the LAST STRAW! NO STRAWS FOR YOU! You= No Straws! * Nooooo DICE * No! Not Good! Stop! Not Good! What are you doing? You burnt all the shade, the food! The rum! Yes, the rum is gone. Why is the rum gone?! * "See, if I did that, my ass would be the size of Cancun." "Cancun's not that big of a place." "... For an ass it is." -Me * Twigger? -Mom * OOOOOHHHHHHHHH NOOO * "CHUCK YOU FARLEY" - Our PSY Prof. * Don't even say a word, I know EXACTALLY what your thinking... That's the BIGGEST Grandmother you've EVER seen." -Me * "Oppossum? You know, it's one of those kowala fuckers that hang up-side down... Baaaabooooonnnnn..." -Stephanie * "Hot potato pass it on, pass it on, pass it on... chicka chicka RRREEEEMMMIIIIXXXX! Drop it like it's hot, drop, drop it like it's hot!" -Charlie * "Happy Birthday Steph... I herd it's your birthday, and and Your so Crazy, I dint call you, cuz im real lazy. Sometime soon we will Party hard, get loaded, get blazed, go to the bar. We met in Phy 201, while I was chewing a peice of gum, my shews are diry I wear the same sweater, some night well get to know each other better." -Jeff * Shut up SSSLLLUUUUTTTT! * I'm SORRY, but I JUST pulled a goose out of my vest..." * Prolly * "What is he doing? Does he think he's a vehicle or something??" -Nikki * "Com'on Rob, you know you wanna hit that." "...Yea, with a bat." -Rob * "I need to go upstairs and brush my teeth, my mouth burns of cough medicine... The register's closed!" -Cale, after Travis applying tabasco sauce to his lips while passed out * "Why is 6 afraid of 7?! 'CAUSE 7 8 9! HAHA! That NEVER gets old!" -Justin * "But our shenanigans are cheeky and fun." * "But our shenanigans are cheeky and fun." "Yea, I mean, his shenanigans are cruel and tragic." "Which makes them not shenanigans at all, really..." "Eeeevil shenanigans!" "I swear to God I'll pistol wip the nexy guy that says shenanigans!" "Hey Farva, what's the name of that resturant you like with all the goofy shit on the walls and the mozeralla sticks?" "You mean Shenanigans?" *OHHHHHHHHHHH!* "You're talkin' about Shenanigans, right??" -Super Troopers * "Sponge 'Box' Square Pants!" -Katrina * FLAME CAKE! * SHORT UP! -Dave * "Ugh, I'm pissed; I have to drop this course." "Why?" "Because I suck." "...Well, wouldn't that get YOU and A??" -Brennan * "Jeff! What's that in your pants? ...Is that TOLIET PAPER coming outta your boxers!??!? -Steph * Paul: "Dave, you need something bigger than this." Dave: "No YOU need something bigger than that, my ass doesn't hurt at ALL" * Shave it with bees in your mouth... *